12 Week Program Walks You Through A Step-By Step System To:

Eliminate Your Aches And Pains,
Untangle Your Body’s Stiff And Mangled Joints, And Unlock Powerful, Fluid, And Pain-Free Biomechanic Movement Patterns…


Your Body Was Designed To Move Freely —
Without The Restrictions And Pains You Fight Every Day

Hey there, it's Kate Galliett here —

While studying the human body and the way that it works for more than 10 years, the same truth has been shown again and again and again:

Your body wants to move freely, powerfully, and without pain.

From the way your bones fits together with movement enabling joints, to the muscles that cover your skeleton and form the intricate movements you use every day, everything has been designed with one sole purpose in mind:

Powerful and fluid movement…

Without restriction, grinding, stiffness or pain.

But If Your Body Wants To Move Without Pain…
Then Why Are So Many Of Your Most Natural Movements So Painful?

In today's modern world, it's easy to feel weak - or even like you're in constant pain. These ‘situations’ probably feel familiar to you, too…

So how do I know that these simple parts of daily life are so painful? Because…

For The Past 12 Years, I’ve Been Uncovering
How You Ruin Your Body, Destroying Optimal Movement.
And It’s NOT What You Think.
(I Was Wrong About This, Too)

Do you think that the cause of most injuries is one of the following…?

Getting older

Over training your muscles

Accidental slip ups and ankle rolls

If so, you aren’t alone. This is exactly what I used to think 12 years ago.

But since then, I’ve learned the truth:

The major cause of aggressively painful movement in adults today is NONE of the above.

Instead, it’s something far simpler.

Bad Feelings While Moving
Come From Bad Movement Practices.

If you want a durable body, one that supports you with powerful movement in your daily life…

One that gives you the confidence to handle whatever life throws at you…

Then there’s one simple rule to follow:

Move with your body, instead of against it.

As someone who grew up in rural Illinois, spending my days running and playing outside, this makes a lot of sense to me. You move with your body’s natural movement patterns (its biomechanics).

And you move a lot.

But Modern Society Is Beating
Your Good Movement Practices
Out Of You!

Most people spend their days unintentionally mangling their body… and if you don’t believe me, think about your average person’s work environment.

  • Sitting down for 8 hours or more, often for hours at a time.
  • Hunched back as you tap away at a keyboard, barely moving anything above your elbows.
  • Constant shifting of your feet and legs to be ‘more comfortable’ as you work away at your desk…

Nothing in this picture sounds like the human being you were born to be — one that could run, move and shake all day long.

This isn’t just restricted to Joe and Jill Normal either.

And It's Not Just You!
Athletes Are Just As Bad, If Not Worse

Than Everyone Else When It Comes To Movement.
(Just Ask Them How Much Tape They Wear.)

If you’re an athlete, you might be surprised to hear this.

I tell you this because most athletes believe that it’s their training, hard work, and dedication that not only makes them more active and agile… but also makes them more durable.

But that’s just flat out wrong.

As an athlete, as you train more, the risk of injury you face isn’t just from ‘over training.’

The real risk you face is over training a bad movement.

Over The Past 12 Years
I’ve Refined An Approach To Eliminating Mangled Joints
And Unlocking Optimal Movement

In the past 12 years, I’ve worked with everyone from mountain climbers who face life or death situations every day in their job, to broken and struggling middle aged women who couldn’t move to save their life.

And over this time, I’ve worked with hundreds of Athletes and everyday people who were sick of being hurt…

Sick of coming last…

Sick of feeling like they were falling apart.

And What I Discovered Was That
There Is A “Cocktail” You Can Use To
Heal Your Broken, Stiff And Aching Body

My path to discovering this cocktail was a slow process.

But when it finally “clicked”, I had triathletes beating down my gym’s door to work with me and fix them, too.

(If you know Triathletes, you know that they are some of the most fundamentally broken individuals on the planet — they put themselves through gruelling training programs before facing hell on earth in the toughest races known to man.)

What I found is that there are two must have ingredients to successfully unlock pain-free movement, and heal the stiff and mangled joints that slow you down on a daily basis.

First, You Divide The Body Into 6 Key Pillars

These are called The 6 Pillars of Strength.

They represent the major movement areas of your body — areas which you must address and heal if you want to restore enjoyable movement.

If you don't address these Pillars, your body will get stuck in bad movement patterns.

This undermines any foundational strength you have, and limits your body's ability to move.

And, even worse, your mobility and durability disappear.

The result? You feel like you're superglued together!

Scapular Stability

Strong Hips

Postural Strength

Strong Glutes

Core Activation

Strong Feet

Then, You Develop Them With
The Pyramid Prehab Protocol

The Pyramid Prehab Protocol Is Based On Creating A Foundational Base Level Of Movement, And Then 'Scaling Up' And 'Scaling Down' Intensity Around Events For Seamless, Injury Free Transitions.

The biggest issue your body faces today, in a society that doesn’t proactively encourage movement, is that your baseline mobility is shot.

As a result, when you finally do get to move...

Your body just isn’t ready for it.

But you push ahead, anyway. You ‘grind’ your way through basic movements, forcing dormant muscles to work hard on simple tasks.

This is not a good way to live or move.

That’s why I developed the Pyramid Prehab Protocol.

By creating a simple base level of movement, mobility, flexibility and strength in your daily life, you simply ‘scale up’ your intensity to meet an event, and ‘scale down’ your intensity afterwards.

And this can be any kind of event, whether it's:

  • Competing in a high-intensity, high-stakes event. No more strapping yourself together with K-Tape!
  • Taking part in a simple game of backyard football. Forget feeling like you might 'snap' something.
  • Playing with your kids on a whim. Without struggling to keep up - or worrying that you flat out can't do it

This doesn’t just massage your painful joints and aching muscles back to their naturally free moving states…

Instead it strengthens the biomechanics of your body.

But If Every Body Is Different… How Do You Figure Out
What Kind Of Plan You Need To Follow
For YOUR Body?

At first, my answer to this question was simple:

"Come into my gym in Illinois."

I’ll work with you one on one every week, helping you to heal your body. And as we heal your body, we’ll start to unlock your optimal movement patterns, tapping into your biomechanics.

But at a point, this approach just doesn’t work.

For some people, the cost of flying to me from the other side of the world is just too expensive.

For others, they can’t afford to take the time off from work (or life) to do a movement assessment and movement camp with me.

And even if they could… I only have so many hours in the day available (even though I like to think that I’m Superwoman).

Realizing this, I began plotting to take the methods I’d developed and refined over more than a decade, and turn it into something that people could use anywhere in the world.

It took time. I made mistakes along the way. But with the help of an internationally assembled team, across three continents, I was finally able to create a deeply interactive tool that would help you

"Thanks again Kate. This program has really helped me with my everyday life and has saved me about $250 a month on Chiro bills."

- Steve, Member Of The Unbreakable Body

Eliminate Expensive Rehab Bills,
And Revive Your Body’s Natural,
Pain-Free Movement Patterns
From Your Own Home

With careful consideration, and a lot of refinement, I created The Unbreakable Body.

From the very first scribble on a note pad, The Unbreakable Body was designed to give you access to the exact programming methodologies I use for my own clients…

And customise them to YOUR body, YOUR needs and YOUR healing requirements.

There IS no ‘one size fits all’ approach, and I created The Unbreakable Body to address this for head on.

Here’s how it works:

1. You Do Your 6 Question Assessment, Assessing Your Body In Less Than 10 Minutes.

Using a proprietary methodology, you’ll assess each of your 6 Pillars individually. You’ll be guided through 6 short (under 60 seconds) exercises that will inform The Unbreakable Body’s software on where your issues exist, and what proficiency you have, by running it through my specially created programming Matrix.

2. Upon Completing Your Assessment, You’ll Immediately Receive Your 12 Week Program To Begin Healing And Repairing Your Body

Designed for you, personally, your 12 week program will give you a series of exercises to complete each week. Each exercise you’re given will be specifically chosen to address your imbalances, impairments and injuries from my database of over 162 exercises.

3. Each Week, Your Program Will Automatically Update To The ‘Next Stage’

To ensure you build a strong, solid and durable foundation, The Unbreakable Body will progressively increase the difficulty of your exercises. This is how you create resilient biomechanics, and insulate your body from injury. All you have to do is log into your dashboard each week to see what exercises you need to do.

4. And To Accelerate Your Progress, You’ll Be Given Access To My Mobility Maps, Complete With 33 Mobility Drills.

To build a truly durable body, that is strong, flexible and resilient, you must have your mobility in check. With my Mobility Maps, you’ll uncover which specific areas of your body are dragging your mobility down and cause deep rooted stiffness… and heal them, eliminating the imbalances, with specific drills.

The Methodologies And Programming You’ll Use
To Repair Your Broken Body Have Already Been Proven To Create Dramatic Results

The Unbreakable Body is an amazing product.  Not only can I reference back to specific exercises, I know that I can receive support from Kate at any time.

As a member of the baby boomer club, with numerous injuries from sports, I let myself drop into the unfit category.  With Kate's help and The Unbreakable Body, I have resumed a more active lifestyle and am a much happier, healthier person.  I look forward to further work with the program and feel confident that I am on the right track to a permanent lifestyle change for the better!

Thanks a million to Kate and her crew!  Keep up the great work!

- Susan Shanel, Member Of The Unbreakable Body

I have been Cross-Fitting for about four years. I don't currently compete any sort of high level, but I am very competitive with myself and have been working to constantly improve.

It has become habit to show up at the gym and put in the time for a workout, but as I have learned that if you don't also put in the time to recover and work on the little things, aches and pains will start to creep up. For years squats have been my nemesis and recently some knee issues started creeping up. Using the tools that Kate provided in the Unbreakable Body, I have realized that often certain muscle groups  were not firing properly and I was overcompensating with other muscle groups, in result created inefficient lifts.

By implementing Kate's program into my warm up or workout routine, I am able to wake up specific muscle groups, while working on flexibility and strength.

Thank you for your programming and dedication to helping everyday athletes improve!

- Erin Carnes, Member Of The Unbreakable Body

Your program is remarkable!

This year marks my sixth year as a CrossFit individual turned team competitor. I have been to the regionals and to the CrossFit Games as a team competitor. Over the years I have had my fair share of injuries since this sport of fitness is highly demanding. As I stumbled upon your page I found myself to be a little skeptical of your program. I wondered how I could keep my body from getting injured adding in these exercises while still vigorously training for the upcoming season of competition.

From the beginning of the 12 weeks and throughout my CrossFit training I kept a log of each of the days I would perform all of the assigned sets of exercises as preludes to my day’s training. On some of my rest days I would incorporate assignments as well. Most of them were very challenging for me, including the assessments! It was a very wide eye-opener.

I always dealt with back pain that would originate to the sides of my lower back that would always slow me down during my workouts with particular movements. And for that I knew I had some very glaring bodily weaknesses. I always knew in the back of my head there was something wrong with me, but I could never figure out how to actually help the problem, until I found your unbreakable body program. It has done wonders to strengthening my shoulders, abs, back, glutes and hips to do all the necessary things a CrossFit competitor needs to get the best out of my training without getting injured in the process. In only 12 weeks I have been able to keep my normal aches and pains out of my backs and shoulders.

Your six pillar approach is definitely something that I found to be so worth it! I’m glad I gave it the “try” it deserved and as I realized over the course of 12 weeks is that the proof is in the pudding! I couldn’t be happier and I know that I have improved my training just by the sure numbers – PRs in my back squat, snatch, clean, jerk, front squat, bench press. Also, pull-ups, muscle-ups and dips feel awesome!

Not to mention I placed first place in a local Hawaii competition while on the unbreakable body program. I know that with the program you have provided me, I will be a better asset to my team in this upcoming year’s competition season.

- Joshua Akiona, Member Of The Unbreakable Body

The Unbreakable Body Has Also Been
Reviewed And Approved By Esteemed Professionals

"Kate Is Cutting Edge," Says Olympic Medalist,
2x World Champ Medalist & Former World Record Holder

george-bovell-ubb"I believe The Unbreakable Body can be a an easy way to gain the tips and tricks that the Pro-Athletes use to optimize their health and prehab potential injuries before they occur by conscientiously working to strengthen, balance and maintain the optimized body that nature designed us to have.

I have gotten to know and become friends with Kate Galliett through our shared interest in physical culture health and nutrition. I really respect her knowledge, dedication and creative approach and very often seek her feedback in fine tuning my own elite training program.

She is cutting edge and has a profound understanding of all of the elements involved."

— George Bovell
Olympic Medalist, 2x World Champ Medalist,
Former World Record Holder, Pro Swimmer

"Fills A Void," This Glendale Heights Based
Chiropractic Neurologist Declares

"The Unbreakable Body program that Kate Galliett has created fills a void in the personal training world.  

So many of my patients, including myself, have been injured by well intentioned but overly aggressive personal training programs.  As a former college gymnast, I know the importance of building a strong functional foundation before adding more strenuous elements to your routine.  

Kate's program does just that, in a user friendly format that will be accessible to everyone"

— Dr. John D. Turner,  DC, CCSP, DIBCN
Chiropractic Physician,  Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist,
Acupuncturist and Sports Medicine
Co-Authored, Performance Without Pain

And Thanks To Technology,
You’ll Be Able To Get The Results For A
Fraction Of The Cost Of In Person Assistance

Please understand — another reason I created The Unbreakable Body as an interactive, digital program was to all greatly reduce the cost that this kind of assistance would cost you.

So INSTEAD OF spending THOUSANDS of dollars to work with me one on one for three months… (the cost can run up to more than $3,000 with ease)

And INSTEAD OF spending HUNDREDS of dollars EVERY MONTH on slow going rehab therapies…

The Unbreakable Body is four monthly payments of just $94 - or $300 if you pay upfront (20% off!).

I understand that the gut reaction to this might be to think that it’s expensive, and hard to swallow. I’ve felt that way before, too. But when you consider that you’re getting a completely personalized 12 week program, that you can repeat as often as you want, for the cost of two weeks at a good physiotherapist…

You’re getting a total steal.

Plus, most people report that the Unbreakable Body helps them save money.


No more Chiro bills.

No more tape expenses.

No expensive massage therapy costs.

All the results at a sliver of the cost.

What You Get With
The Unbreakable Body

The Complete Self-Assessment And Dynamic Programming Application of The Unbreakable Body

The Unbreakable Body is made up of two core pieces.

First, you have our proprietary 6-Part Assessment. Based on the exact assessment I use with private clients, you can follow along from the gym, at home, or even in a park.

After completing your 6-Part Assessment, we'll log your results, and create...

Your 100% Personalized Program With The Unbreakable Body

Each program created through The Unbreakable Body is designed in response to the results of the 6-Part Assessment. Once your program has been created, you can see your entire 12 week foundational strength & mobility program at once... or just choose to see your 'weekly homework' section. (It's perfect for mobiles in the gym!)

The 6 Part Video Series On The Theory Of
The Unbreakable Body

In this special section, you'll find six videos that explain the way The Unbreakable Body works in much more depth. Watch these at your leisure, and you'll gain a deeper insight into exactly how The Unbreakable Body's dynamic programming works to build your foundational strength and increase your mobility.

The Six Videos Are:

  • The 6 Pillars - an exploration of the 6 Pillars model, and muscle connections
  • Postural Strength - where I explain the truth about posture, and how to get good posture all day long... while dispelling one of the BIGGEST mistakes around 'good posture'
  • Scapular Stability - in which you discover "the beautiful dancers", and how scapular stability is incredibly important for arm movement.
  • Strong Core - getting beyond the good looks of a six pack, you'll discover the deep importance of a strong core. (You'll want to develop it even further when you learn how much of an 'under the radar' operator this area of your body is!)
  • Strong Glutes & Strong Hips - where we discuss "the twins" and how getting these dialled in gives you powerful, focused energy.
  • Strong Feet - how to develop the foundation that all your body rests upon, and why these "two stumps" are truly at the base of all your power moves (on the dance floor, on the race track, and in the back yard)

The Unbreakable Body's Complete Library
Of Exercises And Mobility Maps

As well as your 100% personalized, 12 week foundational strength and mobility program, and the deeper educational information on The Theory of The Unbreakable Body, you're also going to get complete access to The Unbreakable Body's Complete Library Of Exercises And Mobility Maps.

This includes over 162 exercises, organized into the 6 Pillars Of Strength for easy access and 33 individual mobility maps to 'zero in' on your weaknesses, allowing you to truly unlock your potential with The Unbreakable Body.

All exercise videos are shot in HD, and all exercises include focus points and instructions to ensure optimal form.

Members Only Online Seminars:
Q&A And "Unbreakable Ideas" For Your Development

Every month, you'll have the opportunity to join myself and other members for an online seminar. In it, I'll answer Questions from members of The Unbreakable Body, and share with you new "Unbreakable Ideas."

These "Unbreakable Ideas" will be breakdowns on various subjects, each one picked to help accelerate your journey to becoming Unbreakable.

If You're Ready To Heal Your Broken Body,
Repair Your Mangled Joints, And Unlock Your True Performance Potential,
Here's What To Do Next

To get started, click the button below to begin your purchase.

You will be walked through a single-step check out process, where you will be able to secure your lifetime access to The Unbreakable Body.

Within 10 minutes, you can have completed your assessment and have a 100% personalized foundational strength & mobility program... designed JUST for you.

Start Repairing Your Body,
And Building Your Unbreakable Body Today

Join The Unbreakable Body today and get access to:

  • Your 6 Part Personal Movement Assessment To Identify Your Problem Areas
  • Your 12 Personalized Programming Cycle To Heal Your Body And Repair Your Movement
  • 162 Individual Exercises To Give You Strength, Flexibility and Durability
  • 33 Mobility Drills To Reignite Your Mobility

How You Can Try The Unbreakable Body With Absolutely Zero Financial Risk To You

I believe in The Unbreakable Body with unwavering confidence. And I’m so confident that you’ll feel the same way once you’ve experienced it, I want to make you this offer.

Purchase The Unbreakable Body today. Do the initial assessment, and get your completely personalized 12 week training program. Follow it every day and keep a training log. (The last part is important!)

And if at the end of 12 weeks, you don’t notice a dramatic difference in both your body’s movement and the presence of aches and pains in your body? Simply contact me (all the details on refunds are here) with a copy of your training log and I will give you a COMPLETE, 100% REFUND OF EVERY RED CENT.

Is There Any Reason To Not Join
The Unbreakable Body Today? 

I'll Be Candid...

Listen —

I want to be completely straight forward with  you.

A lot of people think that, just because I've been published on sites like Robb Wolf and Whole9, that I'm some white lab coat wearing, ivory tower internet trainer.

That couldn't be further from the truth!

One of my core values is helping people who want to help themselves.

What do I mean by that?

If you're someone who doesn't want to do the work...

Someone who expects "magical quick fix results"...

Then this program isn't for you.

If you're someone who wants to pretend like you care about your health and fitness, but never actually follows through with something (even if it's as automated as The Unbreakable Body)...

Then this program isn't for you.

The reality is, I DON'T want you to buy The Unbreakable Body unless you truly want to get rid of those pains, untangle your joints, give up all the "poor me" conversations and actually unlock optimal movement.

It would be a waste of both our times — a very precious resource.

So please...

ONLY purchase The Unbreakable Body if you are SERIOUS about getting rid of the aches and pains that run up and down your muscles, and mangle up your posture and movement.

Join The Unbreakable Body Today:

Join The Unbreakable Body today and get access to:

  • Your 6 Part Personal Movement Assessment To Identify Your Problem Areas
  • Your 12 Personalized Programming Cycle To Heal Your Body And Repair Your Movement
  • 162 Individual Exercises To Give You Strength, Flexibility and Durability
  • 33 Mobility Drills To Reignite Your Mobility

Who Is Kate Galliet, And Why Should You Listen To Her?

Kate Galliett is a mid-west based Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Movement Advisor. After helping her private clients unlock proper movement patterns, and beat “the curse of age,” Kate applied her techniques to helping Triathletes improve their performance. She now takes on select private clients at her facility, while developing affordable programs to improve movement and mobility from home.

More Testimonials


Kate's training methods are definitely what helped me get to the top of Kilimanjaro, Mt Everest Base Camp & to run the Boston Marathon at age 65.

All I have learned from Kate is what continues to allow my body to run, hike & lift weights.

I am indeed blessed & so glad I can be active & continue to do things I never thought I would be doing at age 70!

Globe Trotting Endurance Athlete
Karen Kowalik


Successful Ironman Competitor
Cheryl Atkins

I started with Kate in November of 2010. At my first session I knew she would help me get to both the start and finish line of Ironman strong and in top fitness. Kate didn’t waste time, she gave me focused workouts that addressed areas of weakness and tailored my program to meet my goal.

A year prior I had a beautiful baby boy, via emergency C-section.

Because of the circumstances, the incision required was much larger than a normal C-section. Rebuilding my core was going to be a tough feat, but I was well armed with Kate’s expertise and guidance. Kate’s attention to detail is so amazing and so spot-on, she would often correct muscle imbalances that I was blissfully unaware of. I learned so much about how to optimize my new level of strength and keep my muscles working at peak performance through stabilization, strength and stretching.

I gained strength I never thought possible (not to mention killer abs, legs and arms!!!). Each week Kate pushed me beyond what I thought I could do… and each week I noticed improvements with each swim, bike and run.

It is because of the solid core, strength, and my new found level of confidence I got while training with Kate that I was able to complete my journey of becoming an Ironman.

I am such a firm believer in Kate and ProKine that I sent my Mom who is embarking on the Ironman journey to work with them as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo I Have To Pay Every Time I Want A New Unbreakable Body 12 Week Program?

    No, you do not. When you buy The Unbreakable Body, you will not have to pay to create a new 12 week program for your foundational strength & mobility.

    Each new program is absolutely free.

  • q-iconWhat Is The Unbreakable Body, And Why Is It So Effective At Eliminating Aches And Pains?

    The Unbreakable Body is the first 100% dynamic, online programming tool for foundational strength and mobility. It’s works by assessing your movement quality, identifying your problem areas, and designing a progressive program to help you address each one.

    The program is so effective, and has so many success stories, because it targets the root cause of your biomechanical issues, and then systematically address them.

  • q-iconIs The Unbreakable Body For Men, Women, Or Both?

    Foundational Strength and Mobility issues aren’t limited to just men or women. Poor movement patterns simply don’t discriminate.

    Anyone, of any gender, can benefit from using The Unbreakable Body’s personalized programming.

  • q-iconDo I Have To Be An Athlete To Use The Unbreakable Body?

    No, you do not. The Unbreakable Body meets you where you are and then helps you get to where you want to be. By using the proprietary assessment in The Unbreakable Body, you’ll get a program that is designed just for you – whether you’re becoming truly active for the first time, or you are an advanced athlete.

    As long as you’re human, you need foundational strength and mobility. The Unbreakable Body will scale with you to address your personal problems.

  • q-iconCan I Follow The Unbreakable Body At Home, Or Do I Need A Gym Membership?

    You can do The Unbreakable Body at home or at a gym. It’s completely up to you. A gym will have all the equipment necessary (pull-up bar, skipping rope, stability ball, resistance bands and weights), or you can find/purchase these yourself to make your own home gym (less than two month’s cost of a gym membership).

    As long as you’ve got enough room to swing your arms in a circle, or lie on the floor, you’re set!

  • q-iconThis Feels Like It's For Highly Active People Only - But I'm Definitely Not That. Will it Work For Me?

    Yes, The Unbreakable Body will definitely work for you. We’ve had 70 year olds and above get involved, as well as people beginning a weight loss journey who were looking to gain strength and movement without pain.

    As long as you are willing to follow the weekly assignment – which is designed specifically for you, based on your needs and your challenges – you will see results.

  • q-iconWhat If The Program Doesn't Work For Me?

    The only request I make of you as a member of The Unbreakable Body is to keep training logs as you follow your personalized program. If you do this, and do not see results, I’m more than happy to refund you every single cent. You can see a clear, non-legalese break down of our refund policy here.

  • q-iconCan A Beginner Do This Program?

    Yes, most definitely. If you’ve never trained before, you will be able to use The Unbreakable Body to create a base level of foundational strength and mobility. This will make all your future activities and ventures easier and more powerful.

    Plus, every single step of the program is highly detailed. From each of the HD instructional videos (including ‘focus points’ to show you exactly what to do), to easy to follow weekly assignments and FAQs, The Unbreakable Body can easily be understood and followed by a beginner.

Join The Unbreakable Body Today

Join The Unbreakable Body today and get access to:

  • Your 6 Part Personal Movement Assessment To Identify Your Problem Areas
  • Your 12 Personalized Programming Cycle To Heal Your Body And Repair Your Movement
  • 162 Individual Exercises To Give You Strength, Flexibility and Durability
  • 33 Mobility Drills To Reignite Your Mobility