Create A Body
(And A Life)
You Love To Live In

Get relief from your aches and pains.
Increase your range of motion and your energy.
Get stronger so you can do all the things you enjoy.
Build your confidence.
Take care of your body, mind, and spirit.

Now is the time to make this your reality.

The Unbreakable Body is an online training program that takes a holistic approach to physical training.

It helps you build a foundation of fitness by building the Six Pillars of an unbreakable body:

Strong Feet
Mobile Hips
Strong Glutes
Strong Torso
Mobile Shoulders
Strong Posture

The Unbreakable Body tailors the movements and exercises in the program for what YOUR body needs to become unbreakable.

And, it helps you build the 'toolkit' of strategies, frameworks, and mindsets, that ensure you make perpetual progress towards becoming unbreakable.

Have you been dealing with annoying aches and pains that seem to be increasing in number?

Are you thinking, "aren't I too young to feel crappy?" (yes, you are.)

Have you noticed that while getting fit is fine and dandy, it's not the whole picture? In fact, you're getting the distinct impression that fitness is just one small part of a much larger picture of well-being.

You're right.

Becoming UNBREAKABLE encompasses physical fitness, and extends beyond it. 

It's a deep confidence in your ability - physical, mental, and emotional - to make it through the day-to-day and the Big Adventures.

It's a way of living, both in your body and in the world.

And it's yours to claim.


Four Month Payment Plan

UB movement assessment to ensure your program is tailored to you

New tailored workouts each week for four months to build your unbreakable body

Video demonstrations of each movement plus written focus points to help you on get the technique

Soft Tissue Body Mapping Library is full of self-massage and gentle movements to help you restore your body

$144 / month


One Payment

UB movement assessment to ensure your program is tailored to you

New tailored workouts each week for four months to build your unbreakable body

Video demonstrations of each movement plus written focus points to help you on get the technique

Soft Tissue Body Mapping Library is full of self-massage and gentle movements to help you restore your body

Save $97!

How do you want to feel next month? And the month after that?
And the one after that?

The Unbreakable Body custom training program will take you through four months of learning how to get relief from your aches and build your body to be strong and capable.

Through tailored physical training you can do at home or in the gym,
you'll build your unbreakable body, mind, and spirit,
and completely wow yourself at what you've accomplished!

"This has changed my outlook on what a body is capable of."

-Scott, UB student
a man's pair of feet phorographed from behind, showing his caved in ankles and collapsed arches
the same man's feet from the other photo, taken seven months later and showing a well defined arch and no collapse in the ankles or the inner borders

Two years ago, in my mid thirties, I felt broken. I was in a cycle of working out then getting hurt, struggling through and then starting the cycle again. I was frustrated because I was in pain and my body was the limiting factor in playing outside with my wife and friends.

A year ago, after reading a bunch of resources online, I took the plunge and signed up for your Unbreakable Body program. My feet was one of the broken parts and your program is unique in that it specifically includes strengthening them.

I have followed your program for the past year and I am confident to say that it has made me stronger and I am not broken. I went from not being able to cook dinner in the kitchen barefoot without sore calves to now I can walk a mile in “barefoot” shoes and beginning to run in those same shoes pain free.

My shoulders and upper back, an area I didn’t consider as broken, have gotten stronger and they feel better along with my neck. Additionally, my grip strength has improved.

Recently I spent a couple of days helping my father-in-law around his place doing a bunch of outdoor chores. I was surprised to find that I was not limited by my weakness and not sore or injured afterward.

Thanks again, Scott

Here's How The Unbreakable Body Custom Training Program Works:

Identify Your Starting Point

You'll begin with the on-boarding materials I've created to help you start off on the best foot possible. These short videos will guide you through your "user's manual" for the program, and give you key things to watch out for.

Then you'll take your Unbreakable Body Assessment, which will identify what your unique body needs in your physical training program.

Finally, you'll do your first Self-Check In to practice tuning in to your most important coach - yourself!

Start Your Program

Your program will be made for you based on your Assessment and will pop into your Dashboard on the website every week. Each exercise is demonstrated with a short video as well as written focus points to help you with potentially tricky parts of the move.

It will meet you where you are while also challenging you to go further each week for a total of four months.

Restore Your Body With The Soft Tissue Body Mapping Library

The Soft Tissue Body Mapping Library is full of restorative self-massage and gentle movements that will help you relax and recharge. These moves support your journey to becoming unbreakable.

Use the library once a day or once a week, it's up to you!

You'll be impressed with yourself at what you can accomplish in just four months.

a wood floor that has a small cup of coffee, a notebook, and an ipad on it. On the ipad is a screenshot of what the workout program looks like

Program FAQ

Can I do the workouts at home?

Yes! The Unbreakable Body embraces the 'minimalist' trend and uses as few pieces of equipment as possible. Any equipment used you can either find around your house or it can be easily acquired.

Here's what you'll need: yoga mat, foam roller or lacrosse balls, resistance loops OR a dumbbell between 5-15 pounds OR any weight-y object you have around your house, pull-up bar you can put in your doorway *and before you think "wait I can't do pull-ups!", we're mostly going to be using it for shoulder health and grip strength*

Items that are a *bonus* if you have access to them: a stability ball and a set of weights that are between 10-50lbs (depending on where you're starting from strength-wise).

If you don't have a way to do a particular exercise with the equipment that you have, I am on standby to help you find a different way to get that movement done!

What level of fitness do I have to be for this program?

Because your Assessment will dictate how your program is tailored for your body, you can be any level of fitness and be successful in this program. The only real "requirement" is that you have a desire to build your body, mind, and spirit, to be unbreakable.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Definitely. I completely understand that it may be helpful for some to have the investment stretched out over the four months. I also offer an incentive to pay-in-full if that suits you better.

Do I get access to the program after I'm done?

If you'd like to do a second round of tailored training after your first round, you are welcome to, and can take advantage of doing so at a discounted rate. Whether you choose to do another round of the program or not, you'll get my Unbreakable Body Student Care Package. It includes 'best of' workouts you can do to maintain your Six Pillars in the future.


Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Kate! And I've been a fitness trainer for 20 incredible years. I've gotten to join countless folks on their journey, and it thrills me to join you on yours!

I earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Exercise Science, and have done continuing education since then to explore realms that interest me including rehab, mobility, personal development, the nervous system, feet (so much about feet), and anthropology.

My favorite thing to do is to adventure outside - whether for a walk around my urban neighborhood, or a hike through the mountains near my home. Walk until you notice something!

Got Questions?
I'm Happy To Answer Them!
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Refund Policy

I am fully committed to coaching you to your best results. I am asking for a commitment from you that you are ready to participate fully. If you’re in, you need to be 100% in (whatever your 100% looks like). In return, I am fully in for you! Refunds are not given on service already rendered.