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Is something missing in your fitness practice?

Hi, I'm Kate, and I had developed plenty of strength & fitness in the gym. But I still didn't feel as good as I'd hoped I would feel...

I didn't feel confident in my body. I didn't trust that I'd feel good when I got older. I wasn't pushing out into my world to experience it fully.

I felt "fit". But I could tell something was missing ...

Confidence. Trust. Capableness. Resistance to injuries. A positive outlook. Excitement to experience what the world has to offer.

I wanted to feel what I'd later come to know it as: UNBREAKABLE.

Becoming unbreakable is about more than just physical training....

In fact, the physical training is just one small component of a larger picture.

In this three day virtual training, I'm going to help you fill in the rest of that picture so that you can start becoming unbreakable, too!

Today, I'm feeling confident in my body. I know I am the best caretaker of it. And I'm out there experiencing life fully! I want that for you, too.

Here's what we'll do in the Becoming Unbreakable
3-day virtual training:
**Each zoom call will be 1 hour, and the worksheet for the day will take you about 15 minutes to do**

  • You'll get clear on what unbreakable feels and looks like for you
  • You'll learn the key strategies that help make everything in your path work for you - this is the path of perpetual progress
  • You'll learn the mindset tool that takes you from 'stuck' and worried to 'confidently moving forward even when a hurdle arises in the path'
  • We'll meet live on zoom as a group each day where I'll lead you through the lesson and we'll connect in real-time
  • We'll have a worksheet each day to help you go deeper on that day's lesson

You deserve to experience life fully with a body you feel confident in.

I'm so excited for you to join me for this free training!

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