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And I know that you can become unbreakable. Because becoming unbreakable is about more than just your physical training of your body - it’s an entire way of approaching your life. For starters, if you’ve been told it’s normal to feel crummy as you get older, you’ve been lied to. I was told that when I was 20 years old and I’ve spent my entire life since then proving that lie wrong. Click the button below to learn more about me and my take on how to feel and move your best for your entire life...

Success Stories

Cassie Laymon

“I had been suffering with significant shoulder pain and limited range of motion from a wakeboarding injury 6 months earlier… [working with Kate] I have been pain-free in both my hip and shoulder for weeks, I am training for a 5K, have gone for a 20-mile bike ride, and am starting to do progressive resistance training for my shoulder – like push-ups!”

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Alexi Bergeron

“I tried a bunch of different things to fix my knee pain over the course of about a year - some things would help temporarily but I always wound up very quickly back where I was walking down those steps in pain. My work with Kate has changed all of that. For the last two years I have made consistent progress and am now able to do many of the lifts and movements from competition days, pain-free.”

Jordan Ison

“My shoulder was so bad, I actually couldn’t sleep some nights. I would move it wrong in the middle of the night and it would shoot me almost straight out of bed...Kate quickly uncovered core issues with how my shoulder was functioning and worked with me on the program to restore function. Fast forward 3 months and I was moving quite well again, and back to sleeping like a baby…”

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Overview Of The Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body

The Six Pillars of an unbreakable body are six areas of the body that, when built to have enough mobility, control, and strength, for what that person needs, they become stronger, more durable, more capable, more resistant to aches and pains, and are more adaptable. I developed this framework as […]

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Four Steps To A Strong And Durable Body

You’re not a house. Obviously. But imagine if you were. Would you put the roof on first? Would you put the walls up without any support in them? Would you be slap-dash about the whole thing? Hopefully your answers would be no, no, and of course not. But so many […]

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How To Learn A New Skill: Handstands And Shoulder Position

If you watch someone do a skill – whether it’s kicking up into a handstand, swinging a kettlebell, or anything else – your eyes will see the big picture of what’s happening. Learning any new skill is about understanding how to link together a number of things to make the […]

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