You Are Not Stuck With Sore, Achy, Injured, Feet

Your feet are capable of feeling, functioning, and supporting you, all without pain. You just have to know what signals to send so that you can get the responses you desire.


Your arms have muscles. So do your feet.

Your legs have joints that make them capable of moving. So do your feet.

Your hands are one of the most proprioceptively-rich places on your body (meaning: they send lots of signals to your brain about how things feel, how warm they are, and so on...). So are your feet.

Your arm muscles will shrink in size and grow weak if you put a cast on your arm for weeks. So will your feet. (shoes and orthotics are casts for your feet.)

Your back will start hurting if you don't move it, strengthen it, and use it. So will your feet.

So if your feet are just like the rest of your body, why are they being treated so differently?

Hi I'm Kate And I've Helped Myself & Hundreds Of Others Heal Their Feet

I used to have flat feet and ankles that rolled out and would get sprained. I also had clients that suffered with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, hammer toes, and that all-too-frustrating "non-specific foot pain".

Spoiler alert: I don't have flat feet anymore, I have strong, well-defined, arches in my feet. And when I have rolled my ankles in the last few years, not once have they rolled in such a way as to cause a sprain.

I spent my weekends reading all of the research and articles I could find, because surely there was stuff you could do to make feet better - just like you could do with every other part of the body.

I began trying out drills on myself and then trying them with my clients. The more we all did the foot training I was teaching myself, the more we all saw results. 

My feet developed strong, well-defined, arches. My client's heel pain went away. My other client's plantar fasciitis resolved. The more people I tried the foot training with, the more positive results I gathered.

There's a reason why so many people respond favorably to doing training for the feet...

Because feet respond to the signals you send them.


What Do You Get In The UNBREAKABLE FEET Program?

  • A streamlined series of drills, mobility work, stretches, and massage, to build your feet
  • A simple to follow program with drills you can incorporate into any other program or plan you're doing
  • Five stretches and self-massage drills for the soft tissues of your feet
  • Eight foot training exercises to build function, mobility, control, and strength, into your feet
  • High-quality videos for each drill in the program
  • Focus points for each drill to help you ensure you're getting the most out of every movement
  • Support from The Unbreakable Body Support Desk, if you have a question, we are here to help you answer it


Is the program entirely online? Yes. Your program is housed in The Unbreakable Body Dashboard, in a special section just for the UNBREAKABLE FEET programming.

Do I have to be advanced at exercise to do the program? No. You can start as a beginner of foot training and you'll find great benefits. The focus points will guide you along, and the reps and sets are given in a range so that you can start with the lower amount and work up the amount you can do.

What if I'm advanced at exercise? If you're not advanced at foot training, then this training will be new for you, and thus you'll find great benefits. The reps and sets are given in a range so that you can start with a volume that suits your current ability level.

Should I throw away my orthotics right now? No. If you wear orthotics right now, your foot is de-conditioned to life without them. You may be able to stop wearing your orthotics eventually, but that's not a promise any coach or clinician can make.

Can this program help me get out of orthotics I'm currently wearing? I do not know your situation personally, so while I can't give you a definitive yes/no answer, here's what I can tell you... By teaching your feet how to function like feet, you are less likely to need external interventions to make your feet function like feet. Because they already do. Many users of Unbreakable Feet programming have found that they can get rid of their orthotics and move to more minimalist/natural footwear as they progress forward in building the function, mobility, and strength of their feet and its' joints and muscles.

Is this customized like how The Unbreakable Body Coaching Program is? No. It is a template of the most beneficial exercises and drills I've used in my coaching the last decade and a half to help people's feet feel and function better.

I am already an Unbreakable Body Member. Do I need to buy this program? No. You receive all of this training, plus more, and it's fully customized to your body's current needs and goals. You'll find all your foot training in the Strong Foot Pillar of your Weekly Assignment.

What if I want a fully customized foot training solution? Then you want to direct yourself over to The Unbreakable Body Coaching program, or request a consult with Kate by filling out the form HERE.

What is the refund policy? You have a full 30 days to use the program and if you do not achieve any results during that time, just submit a refund request following the steps we outline HERE.

Unbreakable Feet is a breakout program from The Unbreakable Body. If you already are a full member of The Unbreakable Body, you get this programming + 100% customization + more training inside your Pillar Programming Weekly Assignment

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