Stories Of Humans Becoming Unbreakable

"2015 and 2016 were the years of free-styling my workouts. It was a lot of fun, until it wasn’t — when I hurt my shoulder, in training. You’re not supposed to hurt yourself training. That’s what good programming is, it prevents you from hurting yourself.

I’ve almost always enjoyed natural physical ability, strength, and even ability to put on a lot of muscle, quickly. My big 5 lifts have always been strong. So not being able to bench, or really, not being able to push or pull much of anything for almost all of 2016 thanks to my shoulder injury was a big deal for me.

And, it wasn’t just physical inability, there were things to deal with emotionally and psychologically — like, when, for most of your life you’ve been big and strong, it becomes a defining characteristic, and suddenly, you’re shrinking, and weakened, and unable, like really unable, to move anything you’ve been able to move since adolescence….yah, that’s a problem.

So, back to my messed up shoulder. It was so bad, I actually couldn’t sleep some nights. I would move it wrong in the middle of the night and it would shoot me almost straight out of bed. I had it looked at and got some conflicting diagnoses from clinicians (MD/Surgeons). One of them recommended a scope, right away. I was NOT convinced, nor ready for surgery. Enter Kate.

One session with her, and we had a plan. She quickly uncovered core issues with how my shoulder was functioning and worked with me on the program to restore function. I don’t need to go into detail here, but the program did involve me committing to do the work. Kate was a fabulous motivator. She was sensitive to the things I’d discussed above, i.e. the personal/emotional impacts of the poorly functioning shoulder.

Fast forward 3 months and I was moving quite well again, and back to sleeping like a baby. Fast forward 6 months, I had just turned 39, and I took on a maximum strength program. I’m back to moving loads I moved in my 20’s — like really f**kin' strong! So in 2016, I went from hurting myself benching 245, to 6 months later, in early 2017, benching 345 - all of which was facilitated, and continues to be facilitated by Kate’s coaching.

She’s a magician, but a very, very scientifically sound magician. I’ve become one of those guys that hears anyone complain of a physical ailment, and I inevitably say, 'you should probably see my friend Kate.'"

- Jordan Ison, photographer and lifter of heavy things

"When I first started working with Kate, I had been suffering with significant shoulder pain and limited range of motion from a wake boarding injury 6 months earlier. I had a difficult time raising my arm, and even getting dressed was a challenge.

I also had a history of 20+ years hip pain caused by my piriformis. I often woke up at night because of the pain, which I would rate as an 8-9/10. By the time I started with Kate, I had stopped exercising all together, and feared that might be forever.

As a former physical therapist I could quickly see that Kate's program was sound. In addition to
that, I had never learned her skills or approach and I felt that if there was any hope for me, she
was the one to help. I knew that my improvements would not happen overnight, but I was at a point where I was willing to do anything to feel better.

Eight months later, I have been pain-free in both my hip and shoulder for weeks, I am training for a 5 k, have gone for a 20-mile bike ride, and am starting to do progressive resistance training for my shoulder – like push-ups!

Kate’s knowledge and skill are unparalleled, and her eye for details are impressive. More than that, Kate gave me back my confidence. She never pushed me too far, but was a great encourager and cheerleader. After living with pain and limitations for so long, and I can literally say Kate gave me back my life!"

- Cassie Laymon, entrepreneur and enjoyer of biking, running, swimming, and being pain-free

"My favorite new past time is flexing/using all my new found muscles in my back. It feels so good. Before working with you, I had tried massage, chiropractic and posture exercises, but your program has given me the greatest results in the shortest amount of time and I can see my body changing shape as a result.

I'm feeling a difference and seeing my neck change. I'm feeling strength and activity in my back and it feels awesome! I'm consciously using more of my back now in my workouts and I feel like my arms and shoulders are really benefitting from that. I'm thankful that I'm doing this for myself."

- Sarah S., mom and trainer

I wanted to send you a message thanking you for being such a knowledgeable superstar! From a professional standpoint your info has helped me transform my therapy approach and be a better help to my clients.

From a personal standpoint I signed up for your unbreakable body program and have seen massive changes in the short time that I have been doing it (only a few weeks so far).

Really appreciate your generosity in sharing your knowledge - you have become an unofficial mentor to me! So thank you very much for opening up a whole new world of info and sending me down a new exciting path of learning.

Many thanks,


I want to say thank you! Every time we upgrade my training two things happen: First, I edit the "story" I've told myself about my history of back pain, being broken, and accepting that (fill in the blank) activities just aren't possible for me. You've helped me understand that I get to re-write those crummy thought patterns and stories. 🙂

It used to take me a day or two after our training sessions to stop throwing a pity party about not being able to an A2G squat, or extend through my t-spine, or point my freakin’ toes. Though I still have room for improvement in all of those areas, I don't do the pity party crap anymore because I've learned to trust you and to trust the process.

Okay, second thing that happens...I see how awesome the process of progressive adaptation can be and how well YOU understand it. I appreciate that you're not disregarding my lack of readiness to get back to heavy swings, back squats, or some other random thing neither one of us cares about me doing at this point. When I go back and look at the direction you've taken me from the very beginning, I see what intelligent and patient coaching looks like.

- Dan Chmura, trainer and Assistant Coach/CBO of The Unbreakable Body