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We start Friday, Sept 21, with the first of six movement lessons 🙂

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Here are the deets on what you'll learn and do in this free training...

  • You'll Learn Six Lessons To Apply To The Six Pillars Of Your Unbreakable Body - Feet, Glutes, Hips, Torso, Shoulders, Back/Neck
  • You'll Get A Short Video Each Day That Includes That Day's Teachable + Guided Movement Lesson
  • You'll Get To Live Chat With Me Each Day Where You Can Ask Questions And We Go Deeper On The Day's Lesson
  • You'll Get The UB Limitless Workbook To Help You Get The Most Out Of Each Day's Lesson
  • You'll Get To Do Movements That Signal To Your Body How You Want It To Feel And Move
  • You'll Learn Why Certain Body Issues Aren't "Normal" Parts Of Aging (And How To Start Changing Them)
  • You'll Be Supported The Whole Way By Myself And Fellow UB Limitless Participants

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the UB LIMITLESS Training -- all the exercises and explanations, and for the live workshop last night. Honestly, I've been trying to learn what you are teaching for a long time, but only getting little cryptic pieces, here and there. So with your incredibly informed and comprehensive approach, and how you explain everything so all makes such perfect, refreshing sense.

Monica, UB LIMITLESS participant

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