Hi! I'm Kate...

When people ask me what I do, I always reply with, “I help people move their bodies better.” Because that’s what I do, and it gets right to the heart of what I am the most passionate about helping you learn to do for yourself.

I teach you stuff to help you heal your parts that don’t feel or function well, I assist you building unbreakable strength for whatever pursuits your heart desires, I do my best to show you an alternative view of how your future life could be…

Because if you’ve been told it’s normal to feel worse and do less as you get older, you’ve been lied to.

And this is something I really care about. Here's why.

Here's my professional bio and down below that, my less professional one:

I’ve been earning a paycheck coaching clients for 16 years now.

I earned my B.S. in Exercise Science from Valparaiso University.

I started with the NASM-CPT certification and branched out from there. Amongst the hundreds (thousands at this point?) of books, courses, and lectures, I’ve attended over the last 15 years, a few that stand out for me – Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Functional Range Assessment (FRA), Feldenkrais’ body of work, and Katy Bowman’s body of work.

My first coaching job was in a gym in Northwest Indiana during my college career. They were very nice to let me cut my teeth creating programming and coaching clients there.

After college, I coached in a commercial gym (Lifetime Fitness) for a number of years , working as a trainer, an assistant manager, and finishing off my time there as a department manager.

I then worked in a chiropractor’s office training studio, where I worked with his patients to become strong and mobile so that they would actually improve their well-being, instead of always having to come back to the office for treatment.

I then opened a gym in the suburbs of Chicago. That ran incredibly successfully for 4 years before I packed it all up and took everything I do online so that I could move west to the mountains.

And now the less professional bio...

I’m working to become a more accomplished outdoors woman every day.

My first love is climbing (bouldering, sport, trad, ice). My second love is hiking. Third, camping. Fourth, skiing. I told you I was into the outdoors.

It’s not a huge team here at The Unbreakable Body mostly it’s just me and a few folks who provide part-time assistance to make this whole thing go.

I think peanut butter goes on everything.

I adore beautiful language, good conversation, and authenticity in actions and words.

Good coffee is my thing. So is good wine.

Thanks for having me on the journey with you!