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Fend Off Aches, Pains, & Traditional Aging: My Four Part Blueprint Online Workshop

If you’ve been told it’s normal to feel crummy as you get older, you’ve been lied toAnd if anyone has told you that you should expect less from your body now that you’re older, this workshop is for you.

person doing a backbend
Unlock Your Backbend Workshop

Backbends aren't just for yogis or gymnasts. They're for anyone who thinks it looks like fun! In this workshop, you'll learn a multitude of drills and progressions, and I'll be showing you how to customize the path to a strong and mobile backbend for your body's unique needs!⁠ 

Kiss Neck And Shoulder Tension Goodbye Online Workshop

If you struggle with neck or shoulder tension like I used to, start the healing process with this in-depth workshop. You’ll learn the drills, lifestyle enhancements, and critical knowledge you need to understand your pain and begin alleviating it.

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